Coho Chalet at Whale Pass

 Welcome to Coho Chalet. We are located at the North end of Prince of Wales Island, a place called Whale Pass on Neck Outlet. You can walk down our trail to some of the best coho salmon fishing waters in the world.

We are not a guide service. Your fishing will be self-guided, however we will point you in the right direction. We provide you with a skiff, motor and all equipment needed for the boat, a place to stay, a place to process your fish, and good home cooked  family meals to eat. If there is something special that you need to eat, please let us know and we will work around that. We have home-type vacuum packers for you to use, bags not included. If you wish to take back several boxes of fish you may want to bring plenty of bags.  We have freezers to put your fish in. We have a couple small smokers to use if you want to smoke some fish. We also have some smoking chips available but if you want special chips you will have to bring your own.

If you stay with us, you will be treated like family. There are some rules. No smoking, no drugs, no swearing, only social drinking. You will have your own bedroom, and  your own bathroom. You will be expected to pick up after yourself. Your bedroom is your responsibility to keep clean.

There is a church nearby if you want to go. We have electricity (52 cents per KWH second most expensive in the
USA), and telephone. If you want to bring a calling card you are welcome to use the phone. There is internet access at the small library about 6 miles away, they do have WIFI also.

Here is a link to my summer blog for Coho Chalet: