Coho Chalet at Whale Pass

For travel to Prince of Wales Island:

Air to Ketchikan.

If you want to fly, Alaska Airlines flies into Ketchikan each morning. Their number is 1-800-252-7522.

Float planes are popular in Southeast Alaska, if you are interested in flying to Whale Pass direct here are a couple to choose from.

Promech Air  1-800-860-3845

Pacific Airways 1-877-360-3500

Hollis Adventure Rentals, a great place to rent the vehicle of your choice. They will deliver it right to the Interisland Ferry Terminal at Hollis. 

The ferry that you will take from Ketchikan to Hollis on Prince of Wales Island.

From Bellingham or Prince Rupert you can use the
Alaska Marine Highway Ferry System to get to Ketchikan.

To get here, you can drive to Prince Rupert, BC Canada and catch the ferry there. From the US/Canadian border is about a 1 to 3 days drive, depending on how much you stop. A total of about 18 hours driving. If you love spectacular scenery, we highly recommend this trip. Once at Prince Rupert, take the Alaska Marine Highway Ferry (1-800-642-0066) to Ketchikan. Then you need to take the Prince of Wales Island Ferry (1-866-308-4848) to Hollis. It is then about a 82 mile drive to our lodge.

Also, you have the option to take the Alaska Marine Highway ferry from Bellingham Washington (1-800-642-0066). The ferry is what we call a poor man's cruise. It is really nice, and very comfortable. You can take it to Ketchikan. Be sure to check with the POW ferry (and us) before booking your Alaska ferry trip.

Having your own car allows for a lot of sightseeing adventures, and stream fishing all across the island.